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saso introduction!

wow wow it's that time again already! i actually know people this year too, how amazing. anyway, i was apparently something of a mystery last year, so here's a little intro post.

basic info

name: mel
pronouns: she/her
time zone: central time/gmt -6
twitter: [twitter.com profile] fuckingmeganes (main/locked) & [twitter.com profile] gaybaseballs (public)
tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] cheetahing (fandom) & [tumblr.com profile] shamecloset (fic)
ao3: [archiveofourown.org profile] revolving

short list of fandoms i may write for: daiya no ace, oofuri, chihayafuru, yowapeda, angelic layer... maybe gundam build fighters. the first three are your best bet! i'm mainly daiya but have been wanting to do more for oof and karuta. i have watched/am familiar with more than this but am generally less likely to write for other series.

character and ship biases

aka characters and ships i'm most likely to want to write. not an exhaustive list of everything i like or might give a go, but what i feel most up to atm.

daiya no ace
characters: kominato ryousuke, naoyuki zaizen, tanba koichirou, akira nagao, yoh shunshin, isashiki jun, masuko tooru, hongou masamune
ships: kuraryou, chriszaizen, christanba, christanbazaizen, tanba/manaka, masamei, shunmiyu, akimei, shirasu/nori, miyunori, furuhon, ryousuke & tanba, ryousuke & jun, zono &/ miyuki, tanba & zaizen, jun & zaizen, jun & zono, masamune/renji, umenao

characters: kawai kazuki, kurata takeshi, ichihara yutaka, sakaeguchi yuuto, akimaru kyohei
ships: kazuki/junta, haruna/akimaru, kazuki & takeshi, kazuki & shingo, takeshi & yano-jun, takeshi & naomasa, takeshi &/ takumi

characters: wataya arata, wakamiya shinobu, hanano sumire
ships: arata/chihaya, chihaya/shinobu, arata/chihaya/shinobu, kana/sumire, arata & taichi, arata & shinobu, nishida & komano, sumire & taichi, sakurazawa midori &/ inokuma haruka

characters: kinjou shingo
ships: kinara, kinfuku, kinfukuara

zaizen & arakita, tajima &/ haruichi, mihashi & onoda, tanba & mihashi,

things i like to write

aka themes/scenarios/aus/etc that make me perk up... i'm definitely missing things, i'll add as i think of them.
  • i like writing about turning points, the the smallest pivot around which someone's life might rotate and change.
  • i like canon divergence and what-if scenarios.
  • small moments! small, overall unimportant moments that really catch at the way a relationship work are my jam.
  • if you give me a poem/quote/phrase that grabs me i will probably at least try to bang my head on it.
  • i love aus in general, but it's easier to get me on the scifi side of the spectrum. i also have a weakness to the spies/assassins/thieves sort of au.
  • that said, i do love fairytale-feeling things.
  • i like platonic and familial relationships!!!!
  • probably my most basic ship aesthetic is "fucking shit up together while also being really fucked for each other" points to my actual team.
  • taking a canon detail or bit of backstory and blowing it way up is something i love. this is especially true if it was something that changed that character's life (eg, arakita's baseball career/injury).
  • interesting combinations of my favored characters (cross-canon or not) will get my attention.
  • generally i just really like exploring how people fit together and the vagaries of the human heart.

things i will definitely not write

aka the "sorry, no" list.

things i will not write no matter what ship/characters are involved: incest, rape, abuse, any form of adult/minor relationship, anything that negates or mitigates consent.

ships i don't write regardless of prompt: including poly ships encompassing any of the following tbh. sorry!

daiya: incest, basically any ships not listed in the yes pile for kuramochi, miyuki, or chris, sorry.
oofuri: haruna/abe
chihayafuru: taichi/chihaya

you probably can't get any porn out of me in general but like. i'm not very good at it so it's really not a loss tbh.