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check here for ideas on how to bait me if you're so inclined.

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see also: ao3 fic dump.
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wow wow it's that time again already! i actually know people this year too, how amazing. anyway, i was apparently something of a mystery last year, so here's a little intro post.

basic info

name: mel
pronouns: she/her
time zone: central time/gmt -6
twitter: [twitter.com profile] fuckingmeganes (main/locked) & [twitter.com profile] gaybaseballs (public)
tumblr: [tumblr.com profile] cheetahing (fandom) & [tumblr.com profile] shamecloset (fic)
ao3: [archiveofourown.org profile] revolving

short list of fandoms i may write for: daiya no ace, oofuri, chihayafuru, yowapeda, angelic layer... maybe gundam build fighters. the first three are your best bet! i'm mainly daiya but have been wanting to do more for oof and karuta. i have watched/am familiar with more than this but am generally less likely to write for other series.

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you probably can't get any porn out of me in general but like. i'm not very good at it so it's really not a loss tbh.