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chocolate box 2017 dear creator letter

hello dear gifter! i'm mel, you can also find me at [tumblr.com profile] cheetahing and [archiveofourown.org profile] revolving.

  • i'm generally not into crack fic! shenanigans are ok if they aren't over the top/unrealistic.
  • in terms of canonverse works, i tend to prefer character studies, quiet/intimate moments, and characters trying to figure their ish out. please avoid characters behaving in ways that would actually have pretty huge repercussions for them and their entire teams/schools if caught; high school sports in japan are pretty strict! pls keep this in mind if you choose to go canonverse. in practical terms, this means you shouldn't have teams having wild parties, drinking, etc.
  • in terms of aus, i love future aus, canon divergence, and really most kinds of real world setting aus. i'm extra weak to spies & assassins if that's your thing. fantasy aus are best avoided; scifi aus are good if your worldbuilding is consistent.
  • please do not give me a sex work au; i've literally never seen these handled respectfully and i'd just rather not see them.
  • other things to avoid: infidelity, jealousy as a plot device, abuse, rape, incest, large age gaps, abuse of authority, extreme power imbalances, adult/minor relationships (seriously, especially no teacher/student, please), drug use, dubcon, a/b/o, sex pollen, etc.
  • character death is something you should only do if it's appropriate to the setting/canon and necessary to the story. please don't do it just to make other characters sad.
  • let's avoid terminal illness storylines, please.
  • in general, i don't like gratuitous angst! if it needs to be there for a good reason, that's fine, but i don't like it when things are sad or messed up just for the sake of being sad or messed up.
  • it's fine if you want to do porn, but i'd prefer it not be the focus of the piece, and pls do age the characters up appropriately if applicable. also, pls don't spring anything too exotic on me without checking first.
  • i don't get along with first person pov; second is fine if you're familiar/confident with it; third is probably easiest/best.

in terms of art, i love most things tbh. i like moments of quiet contemplation and bursts dynamic movement, i like kisses, i like handholding, i like characters just lounging around together. i like happy things and i like tension and longing.

things i'm particularly weak to in art: tenderness, creative use of lighting, selective framing, sequential rendering of small gestures or moments.

please note that relationships denoted with "&" rather than "/" are requested as platonic only unless otherwise stated. in vague order of preference:

i like the main ship in oofuri just fine but god someone please give me something about takeshi.

kawai kazuki & kurata takeshi
THE THING I WANT THE ABSOLUTE MOST i should probably just give up and write it myself eventually but god. anyway, these are both boys who were in some way betrayed by the game they both love, tho in takeshi's case you could argue that he was convinced to betray the game. they're both moving onto college career, at least one without baseball, they had their confrontation, and in some ways kazu was freed by the revelation of how low roka had sunk. basically, there is so much potential here, pls give me something.

kawai kazuki/takase junta
i want future fic for these two, i think... maybe they never quite got it together in high school, maybe kazu left with a lot of things unsaid. did he play in college, did he not, did junta keep playing, etc. the details are mutable.

gundam wing
this was my very first fandom and here is my very first rareship, i was doomed from the start.

chang wufei/heero yuy
so, these two. i got caught by their little moment in endless waltz and basically just never recovered? i feel like they, even moreso than the other gundam pilots, share the particular struggle of what it means to no longer be defined by fighting. like i'm interested in basically anything you come with for their dynamic tbh, especially post-canon. in terms of art especially i think something years down the line where they've finally been allowed to change and grow and relax would be lovely.

mad max: fury road
i love this movie with all my heart and i got stuck on this ship immediately basically the moment their foreheads touched. i'm eternally salty that it gets so little love.

furiosa/the valkyrie
i think a lot about these two being the only girls their age left, either somehow naturally or through the raiding and resource scarcity... post-canon fixing valkyrie's death is fine too, though, just give me anything for them dear god. there's so little for them and i love them so much.

natsume yuujinchou
this is such a gentle, sometimes melancholy show, i sort of just want to stick with that tone for any fanwork.

natsume takashi/tanuma kaname
gen/platonic is fine here, i just feel like this relationship is so important to natsume... tanuma can't see like he sees, but he can see a little and he can understand. natsume's felt alone for almost his entire life and this is new and different for him... this is such a soft, gentle ship to me, i just want nice things for them.

daiya no ace
this is my main fandom of the last couple years. it's not at all high priority here, it's mainly here as a failsafe in case the other things i want are too niche/small... tho honestly most of the things i want most from daiya right now are also niche/small lmao. i'm sorry dear gifter, i hope this is not too difficult for you.

manaka kaname &/ tanba koichirou
i'm always curious about this one tbh, about how manaka is tanba's motivation to strike out on his own, about how they end up sort of paralleling each other in the end, as third year aces whose final seasons are shortened by injury... that scene on the beach where manaka says he can't give up on baseball like that always sticks with me. how do they move on, how do they go forward together, how do they come back together.

nagao akira/narumiya mei
idk man, i really love sakurazawa but mei totally crushes them and especially akira. but then he sort of extends his own brand of comfort, the "you lost to the best team" thing, and how akira sorta totally buys into that when they show up later charms me. the idea of mei bugging akira at a prestigious university cracks me up, and future/what-if aus have a lot of room to move with these two.

harada masatoshi/narumiya mei
so, these two. how did this happen, is masa nearly as put out as he pretends, mei trusts him with things he doesn't show anyone else in the series, idk!! i also really want future fic for them, playing as pros either together or against one another, just. basically their little dugout talk in S2E26 pressed all my ship feelings buttons at once with how sincere and unguarded mei was with masa there, so more of that side of their relationship would be lovely.

isashiki jun & zaizen naoyuki
honestly i just always wonder about this bc jun is still so bitter by the time zaizen shows up in daiya, a minimum of 2.5 years after the game jun references took place... add that to jun's stifled pitcher dreams and ?????

takigawa chris yuu &/ tanba koichirou
i always wonder about that thing tanba says, about how it was chris who caught his elbow injury during second year, and his sort of frustrated longing to form a battery with chris. i also like the idea of them getting to finally play together properly in college, or or or. daiya is generally good for aus too, honestly, so basically any ship au you think of that fits them is fine too.

takigawa chris yuu &/ zaizen naoyuki
they were jr high rivals, they're basically set up as parallels in terms of their injuries but one gets to recover and one doesn't, so that's always interesting to me. i also like happy pro-battery aus, and there was that time terajima literally drew a kingsman au of them for their birthdays, which are literally a day apart (zaizen is 9/30, chris is 10/1). there is so little for this ship that i'm honestly happy with anything, and if you want to au and you can translate their backstory to your au setting i'll probably automatically love it.

takigawa chris yuu/tanba koichriou/zaizen naoyuki
ok, so why not squish them both together. ngl zaizen/tanba are my priority in these ships moreso than chris in any sense, but i think it's interesting how different his dynamics with each of them are, and how they would have to navigate learning each other... i do like the idea of chris and zaizen kind of rough-housing with each other constantly/comfortable being jerks to each other but both being consciously more gentle with tanba. there's a lot of space to move, what's your take.

kominato ryousuke/kuramochi youichi
the great ship love of my life, the thing you can do if you don't think you can do anything else. pls be very mindful with your characterization of ryousuke, however; he's not a one-note sadist. he loves baseball, his family, and being right. he's got complex feelings and motivations, so please don't collapse him down into a caricature.

other than that, i'm always keen on the idea of extrapolating how their field synergy applies to other situations or other areas of their lives. canonverse & future fic is great for them and they are also probably my most au-friendly ship. i really enjoy crime aus for them, honestly.

things to avoid: please don't involve haruichi in their relationship; please don't have ryousuke being insecure abt haruichi & kuramochi.

areas of interest: FAKE MARRIED SPIES AU, partners-in-literal-crime aus, etc.

nirvana in fire
the main reason this is so low down is that i forgot to check nominations for this fandom and therefore failed to nominate my ship of choice, which is lin chen/MCS (+ their son fei liu for the exact kind of shitty family vibe i'm weakest to). if you feel like throwing that in somewhere i'd adore it, but don't sweat it if it's not your thing.

consort jing & xiao jingyan
i'm so curious about her history tbh! we get glimpses of it but not too much more... jingyan learning about it maybe, or what it was like for him growing up. their relationship is so important and i just want to see more of it.

mu nihuang &/ xia dong
open to anything for these two tbh, they're sort of the central f/f relationship in the show? they're also the two women in the show that have chosen the most sort of combat oriented positions/etc so sth like sparring or training together would be cool.

so i love this series but i find the fandom fixation with taichi really tiring. if you create something for me from this fandom, please do not include any variation or implication of romantic taichi/chihaya whatsoever.

ayase chihaya/wakamiya shinobu/wataya arata
this is not the fandom ot3 of choice but it's mine -- i think their relationships to each other individually have a lot of potential and in combination they are fascinating. i don't have a specific thing i want here tbh, i just want more of this.

mashima taichi & wataya arata
soooo these two are really important to each other? they're much more than romantic rivals or karuta rivals, they're friends. i always think about the part where they see arata at his first tournament back and taichi thinks that he doesn't want to be happy but he really, really is. i'd like to see something exploring their dynamic, taichi's inferiority complex and arata's sort of almost casual superiority... this could go romo if you want, but only if chihaya isn't either scapegoated or ignored. like, no using each other as a substitute for chihaya or sth. more like, chihaya is married to karuta where does that leave us and our tangled feelings for each other.