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interhigh exchange 2016 dear creator letter

hello! i'm mel, you can find me at [tumblr.com profile] cheetahing and [archiveofourown.org profile] revolving. this is my first time doing a multifandom exchange and i'm excited!!

things i'd particularly love for this exchange: honestly the thing i want most is oofuri! toseis and kurata takeshi bc my heart is still broken over him.

  • i'm generally not into crack fic! shenanigans are ok if they aren't over the top/unrealistic.
  • in terms of canonverse works, i tend to prefer character studies, quiet/intimate moments, and characters trying to figure their ish out. please avoid characters behaving in ways that would actually have pretty huge repercussions for them and their entire teams/schools if caught; high school sports in japan are pretty strict! pls keep this in mind if you choose to go canonverse. in practical terms, this means you shouldn't have teams having wild parties, drinking, etc.
  • in terms of aus, i love future aus, canon divergence, and really most kinds of real world setting aus. i'm extra weak to spies & assassins if that's your thing. fantasy aus are best avoided; scifi aus are good if your worldbuilding is consistent.
  • please do not give me a sex work au; i've literally never seen these handled respectfully and i'd just rather not see them.
  • other things to avoid: infidelity, jealousy as a plot device, abuse, rape, incest, large age gaps, abuse of authority, extreme power imbalances, adult/minor relationships (seriously, especially no teacher/student, please), drug use, dubcon, a/b/o, sex pollen, etc.
  • character death is something you should only do if it's appropriate to the setting/canon and necessary to the story. please don't do it just to make other characters sad.
  • let's avoid terminal illness storylines, please.
  • in general, i don't like gratuitous angst! if it needs to be there for a good reason, that's fine, but i don't like it when things are sad or messed up just for the sake of being sad or messed up.
  • it's fine if you want to do porn, but i'd prefer it not be the focus of the piece, and pls do age the characters up appropriately if applicable. also, pls don't spring anything too exotic on me without checking first.
  • i don't get along with first person pov; second is fine if you're familiar/confident with it; third is probably easiest/best.

in terms of art, i love most things tbh. i like moments of quiet contemplation and bursts dynamic movement, i like kisses, i like handholding, i like characters just lounging around together. i like happy things and i like tension and longing.

things i'm particularly weak to in art: tenderness, creative use of lighting, selective framing, sequential rendering of small gestures or moments.

spoilers: i'm up-to-date with the manga at the time of writing; i generally don't mind spoilers for this series either, so whatever is fine. i've also watched the anime.
priority character: kawai kazuki, please love him. alternatively, kurata takeshi.

kawai kazuki
kazu is my darling, honestly. i sometimes think about him standing in the parking lot of that restaurant, wondering if he'll ever want to play baseball again and i just hurt. i really want basically anything about him picking up where canon leaves off since it's doubtful he'll show up again much if at all. where is he going to college, is he playing baseball or is he trying something else, can he look back and smile again.

optional ship: kawai kazuki/takase junta! this is actually my main oofuri ship and there's so little, sobbing. i prefer them maybe not having had their stuff figured out tbh -- occupying an ambiguous space, thinking they'd have time to deal with it later, and then their last summer together getting cut so short. i'd be interested in them dealing with the aftermath of that, where they stand with each other now that their battery ended, or maybe even reconnecting later on, in college or after.

kurata takeshi
takeshi doesn't even have an ao3 tag yet, which i'm not surprised about, really, but it does make me sad. well, he makes me sad in general, he breaks my heart, because he ruined the thing he loves most for himself. like kazuki, i want basically anything about him, where does he go from here, how does he deal, how does he come to terms with what he's done. does he actually try to talk to takii or does he stay silent, does roka's "how much do you think you're worth" haunt him at night, can he ever look at a baseball diamond again without his chest aching. it doesn't seem like sensei will ever check in with him again and i want to know!!!! is he ok, can he ever be ok again!!!! i have so many feelings, someone help me.

kawai kazuki & kurata takeshi
i generally don't like to offer such specific ideas for exchanges, but i want this so badly that i will probably ask until i get it/give up and write it myself: please consider takeshi and kazu attending the same college, bonding over what a terrible human being roka is, and slowly helping each other recover from their respective baseball traumas. i don't conceptualize this as shippy but if it ends up going that way, that's fine too.

akimaru kyouhei/haruna motoki
honestly, these two. they're so tangled up that they didn't even realize it until recently (in series time, anyway). there's so little for them, which is unfortunate because they're one of my favorite oofuri ships. that means it's basically open season tho, right? specific areas of interest: childhood stuff ("i'm the pitcher, so you play catcher!"), the story of how/if akimaru improves, the au where akimaru never gave up on baseball and haruna never gave up on akimaru, generally just grappling with What The Fuck Is This.

ichihara yutaka
I LOVE ICCHAN, i think a lot about him wrecking his elbow so tai-san can stay on the field for another five minutes, about how he gets so angry that tai-san doesn't push harder, about how he never wanted to pitch but he does it for the team. tell me about sakitama, how are they getting on, is anyone going to save icchan from daichi. tell me about the au where icchan when to a different school, or where he got a different catcher, just. i love icchan, he's my grumpy, put-upon darling, there needs to be more of him.

sakaeguchi yuuto
one of my favorite nishiuras and so rarely in the spotlight! for him, i just want gen stuff, family stuff -- i always think about his little chiisaku furikabutte comic and how he was going to quit baseball because it felt meaningless without his mom there to watch him. what was he thinking, when he saw momokan working so hard by herself in the field, what was it that flipped inside him when she said, "let's play together!" he's such a sweet, stout-hearted little guy, it would be nice for him to get some focus for once.

if you really want a ship for him, suyasaka is fine, but keep it background here, please.

momoe maria
momokan is, bar none, my absolute favorite sports anime coach. canon is being mysterious about her background yet, tho we've met her dad now, and i always wonder. i honestly don't have any specific momokan ideas, she's just here because i love her and would love to see more fanwork about her.

daiya no ace
spoilers: i'm up-to-date with the anime but slightly behind on the manga; i generally keep up with spoilers tho, so don't worry/feel free.
priority character: let's go with tanba here, he never gets any love.

tanba koichirou
tanba has it really hard in canon, mainly bc he's a) the senpai ace, and b) therefore not the main character. i feel like he gets the short end of the stick in fandom a lot because of that too, and also because he's not one of the "pretty" characters, but i adore him. sometimes i think about first year tanba, struggling to speak clearly and look people in the eye, and i cry.

ANYWAY honestly, just give me tanba-centric things. struggles as a first year? trying to redeem himself in college? any number of what-if aus? yes, thank you, i will take it.

optional ship: christanba! i always wonder about that thing tanba says, about how it was chris who caught his elbow injury during second year, and his sort of frustrated longing to form a battery with chris. i also like the idea of them getting to finally play together properly in college, or or or. daiya is generally good for aus too, honestly, so basically any ship au you think of that fits them is fine too.

zaizen naoyuki
MY BITTER ANGRY DARLING. i think a lot about how he was SUCH a monster in jr high that jun is still upset about it in his last year of high school, a minimum of 2.5 years later, how hard he's trying to hold onto something so ephemeral as "talent" but his body won't let him, how he eventually has to give up because there's just no way for him to match his previous self, or at least the version of himself in his own mind.

we don't get a lot of him so honestly, anything? middle school stuff, getting injured, trying to recover, coming to the decision to quit, etc.

optional ship: chriszaizen. they were jr high rivals, they're basically set up as parallels in terms of their injuries but one gets to recover and one doesn't, so that's always interesting to me. i also like happy pro-battery aus, and there was that time terajima literally drew a kingsman au of them for their birthdays, which are literally a day apart (zaizen is 9/30, chris is 10/1). there is so little for this ship that i'm honestly happy with anything, and if you want to au and you can translate their backstory to your au setting i'll probably automatically love it.

harada masatoshi:
I LOVE MASA-SAN. i keep thinking about him talking to tetsu in the stands during the fall yakushi game and talking about the pressures of being the clean-up, so i wonder about that. he's so solid and steady, how did he get there. how did he build up his relationship with mei, who doesn't quite defer to him but listens to him more easily than he does anyone else, how does this translate to his pro career, how's he doing out in hokkaido. just. masa!!! more masa!!!!!

optional ship: masamei. how did this happen, is masa nearly as put out as he pretends, mei trusts him with things he doesn't show anyone else in the series, idk!! i also really want future fic for them, playing as pros either together or against one another, just. basically their little dugout talk in S2E26 pressed all my ship feelings buttons at once with how sincere and unguarded mei was with masa there, so more of that side of their relationship would be lovely.

nagao akira
akira's a cutie patootie and also probably a smartypants since sakurazawa is specifically mentioned as a public school that excels at academics. honestly, the entire sakurazawa team as a whole is really cute and i'd love anything exploring akira and his time there, or like making peace with the death of his dream idk. do i sound like i love pain and suffering in this letter lmfalejkselksel i'm sorry. i'm just really interested in the things that make a person change and grow, that changes their lives, and often it's things that are painful.

optional ship: akimei. yeah, i like rare ships hahahah. idk man, i really love sakurazawa but mei totally crushes them and especially akira. but then he sort of extends his own brand of comfort, the "you lost to the best team" thing, and how akira sorta totally buys into that when they show up later charms me. the idea of mei bugging akira at a prestigious university cracks me up, and future/what-if aus have a lot of room to move with these two.

yoh shunshin
this guy completes my trinity of obscure pitcher faves, hahah, help me, i love them so much. but yeah, shunshin, like. what is it like to be in japan but not able to play baseball for the rest of his high school career, the fact that he chose to face raichi head-on at the end, does he still help at practice, his relationship with both his host father and his actual parents seem really good, is he going to go back to taiwan, is he going to pursue baseball as a pro, etc. like with any other minor character there's a lot of different directions to go with him.

optional ship: miyuyoh. super extra optional since i didn't list miyuki in my requests, lmao, but if you're feeling it. i always wonder about miyuki thinking "we would make a great battery!" so.

i am eternally thirsty for this ship, so if my other requests are too tiny/niche for you, there's always these two. pls be very mindful with your characterization of ryousuke, however; he's not a one-note sadist. he loves baseball, his family, and being right. he's got complex feelings and motivations, so please don't collapse him down into a caricature.

other than that, i'm always keen on the idea of extrapolating how their field synergy applies to other situations or other areas of their lives. canonverse & future fic is great for them and they are also probably my most au-friendly ship. i really enjoy crime aus for them, honestly.

things to avoid: please don't involve haruichi in their relationship except as brother-in-law or wingman; please don't have ryousuke being insecure abt haruichi & kuramochi.

areas of interest: fake dating with mutual pining, partners-in-literal-crime aus, stuff dealing with ryousuke's injury, spy aus, etc.

spoilers: i've watched the anime; i'm behind on the manga but generally know what's going on... i'm waiting it out until i know whether suetsugu's gonna break my heart or not to catch up.
priority character: wataya arata; he's all i've asked for.

wataya arata
there is a distinct lack of fan work focusing on arata, which makes me super sad because he's my most beloved. he spends a lot of time offscreen so there's a lot of stuff to mine, all those years alone in fukui, both when he was still corresponding with chihaya and later, when he quit everything after his grandfather died. what is he thinking now, scrambling in his last year of high school to put together a team to play against chihaya's, that one page where he was wondering what happened between chihaya and taichi, thinking "why am i always the one so far away?"

honestly, just talk arata to me, i love him so much and he gets so little attention in fandom.

additional idea: i didn't put chihaya or taichi in my requests bc honestly i don't wanna deal with the love triangle aspect for this, but: what if, instead of arata, it was chihaya who moved away at the end of elementary school? how would arata and taichi have dealt with that?

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