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daiya winter hols dear creator letter

hello! i'm mel, you can find me at [tumblr.com profile] cheetahing and [archiveofourown.org profile] revolving.

things i'd particularly love for this exchange: kuraryou, chriszaizen, masamei, akimei, anything involving my fave minor pitchers: akira nagao, yoh shunshin, zaizen naoyuki.

  • i'm generally not into crack fic! shenanigans are ok if they aren't over the top/unrealistic.
  • in terms of canonverse fic, i tend to prefer character studies, quiet/intimate moments, and characters trying to figure their ish out. i do not enjoy characters behaving in ways that would actually have pretty huge repercussions for them and their entire teams/schools if caught; high school baseball in japan is extremely strict! pls keep this in mind if you choose to write canonverse fic.
  • in terms of aus, i love future fic, canon divergence, and really most kinds of real world setting aus. i'm extra weak to spies & assassins if that's your thing. fantasy aus are best avoided; scifi aus are good if your worldbuilding is consistent.
  • things to avoid: character death, infidelity, abuse, rape, incest, large age gaps, abuse of authority, adult/minor relationships (seriously, no teacher-student relationships, please), dubcon, a/b/o, sex pollen, etc.
  • it's fine if you want to write porn, but i'd prefer it not be the focus of the piece, and pls do age the characters up appropriately. also, pls don't spring anything too exotic on me without checking first.
  • i don't get along with first person pov; second is fine if you're familiar/confident with it; third is probably easiest/best.

in terms of art, i love most things tbh. i like moments of quiet contemplation and bursts dynamic movement, i like kisses, i like handholding, i like characters just lounging around together. i like happy things and i like tension and longing. i'm especially weak to tenderness and lighting.

please note that i use ship names generically! the order names are in don't matter.

i am eternally thirsty for this ship, so if my other requests are too tiny/niche for you, this is your best bet! pls be very mindful with your characterization of ryousuke, however; he's not a one-note sadist. he loves baseball, his family, and being right. he's got complex feelings and motivations, so please don't collapse him down into a caricature.

other than that, i'm always keen on the idea of extrapolating how their field synergy applies to other situations or other areas of their lives. canonverse & future fic is great for them and they are also probably my most au-friendly ship. i really enjoy crime aus for them, honestly.

things to avoid: i'm not keen on haruichi getting between them/ryousuke being afraid of losing kuramochi to him, etc.

to pick a single character if you'd rather not do a ship: ryousuke. i adore him, there's never enough of him.

i will take anything you give me for this ship, honestly. zaizen is a pretty obscure character but there's so much to mine with him and chris — their injuries and how they've affected pretty much all parts of their lives, exactly how much of a monster zaizen was in middle school for jun to still be bitter about it as a high school senior, zaizen's bitterness vs chris's determination, etc.

their birthdays are literally a day apart (zaizen is 9/30, chris is 10/1) also! idk this is my fave bit of trivia about this ship.

to pick a single character if you'd rather not do a ship: zaizen! his is such a sad story, i was upset about him quitting baseball for weeks.

i'm not sure when i got so invested in this ship tbh but here i am. for these two i really just want future fic, playing as pros either together or against one another. their little dugout talk in S2E26 basically pressed all my ship feelings buttons at once with how sincere and unguarded mei was with masa there, so more of that side of their relationship would be lovely.

to pick a single character if you'd rather not do a ship: HONESTLY EITHER, i love mei but i feel like masa doesn't get enough attention.

yeah, i like rare ships hahahah. idk man, i really love sakurazawa and honestly mei totally crushes them and especially akira. but then he sort of extends his own brand of comfort, the "you lost to the best team" thing, and how akira sorta totally buys into that when they show up later charms me. the idea of mei bugging akira at a prestigious university tickles me.

to pick a single character if you'd rather not do a ship: akira! he's such a sweetie and he tried so hard for his dream. sakurazawa is a good school too so he's probably a smartypants too.

yoh shunshin
i do ship him w miyuki but honestly, anything. it's sad that he's missing out on his last year of baseball, with the way he sort of galvanizes the entire team at akikawa. my family is from taiwan so i'm sort of immediately attached to him, hahah.

if you have any questions, anon is enabled both on this journal and on my tumblr!

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